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Can i use my Personal portfolio site link in my gig?

Can i use my Personal portfolio site link in my gig??

There is no contact information.

Here is my site!


No because you can only use the approved external link/domains noted in the ToS

Places like YouTube etc.

This is a PITA at times bit does help contain people to transacting on this site.



Are you sure?? So how can i show my portfolio without Flickrr, Because My Flickr limit is over.

I need unlimited Portoflio Like Behance, But fiverr doesn’t support Behance.

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Like i said, we have to make do. i tis harder for some than others but the reality is that most ppl don’t really look at a portfolio, particularly an extensive one so just pick the few that best represent what the buyers your are chasing/expecting here will respond to quickly.

That makes it like Van Gogh, he made many paintings but mostly we only get shown three.


Yes ,you can used the personal portfolio site .you can’t provide your any contact information in your site .than you can used the link .
I hope you understand
Thank you