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Can i use one fiver account on two ip adress


hello everyone
Should i use one fiver account on two ip address.I mean is it fair,kindly i need your suggestion



Yes. As long as multiple accounts aren’t running from those two IP addresses, you’ll be fine.


Ok thank you so much.Now should i change that fiver account to another ip address,i mean it will be fine ?


It’s fine to log-in from multiple IPs. Many of us log-in at home, at work, in coffee shops, on vacation, etc.


really but i heard from my guidance counselor and told me that you have to use one account on one laptop and one ip address otherwise your account will be disable…so that’s why i worry


Im using two IP . One of my office IP and Another One My Home IP



The only thing to really worry about is using more than 1 account.
Nobody cares how many devices or IPs we use. For one, IPs aren’t static for all of us.

A theoretical issue could be if you log in with an IP that other people who have Fiverr accounts use as well, let’s say you’re at Starbucks and 4 other gals and guys use that same IP for their Fiverr accounts.
But as that actually may and probably does happen, and is nothing nefarious, I assume that Fiverr’s checks are a bit more sophisticated than just IP.

I use my mobile internet mostly when outside vs. public WiFi though for a couple of reasons, but I have used public wifi and thus several IPs for Fiverr before and never had a problem. My landline internet doesn’t have a static IP either, my IP changes whenever the router reboots, updates etc.


Ok thank you so much


Ok thank you so much for your information.Now my concern has been completely finished. So it means this is valid no risk.Once again thank you


Thanks For Your Good Answer .


yes you can use and you can’t use two fiverr account on one ip address


I used one IP on office and other one is home, but only 1 account is allowed.


satisfied with the discussion but usually all the PCs have dynamic IPs so is their any problem


You can use various IP but make sure those are not public, cause you don’t know those are using someone else.


i am really worried with the internet i had used before i open fiverr was public in the university
and my friends also started using fiverr and usually used that internet. do fiverr have had check the previous internet


Just think IP address, must be one for your account that wherever you are.


and if i am correct my profile and IP is been tracked by fiverr just after i use fiverr not the previous ones