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Can i use One payonner account again new fiverr account?


I have an account Fiverr before but that was banned can’t withdraw money. I have to wait for 90 days.

But my question is Can i use the same Payoneer account new Fiverr account?

NB: I set up an account on a new PC with Windows setup,new Ip address, another picture

can i use old pay sooner account? Or i have to create new one?

According to Fiverr TOS, it is strictly against the Fiverr rules to have multiple accounts. If detected can result in suspension of the new account as well.


Hi,Thanks for reply,

I know But It’s new pc new Ip address.

My question is Can i use same payoneer account to withdraw money?

Even if you are able to use it, you are likely to get detected

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So you know that it’s against rules. You already got banned for breaking rules and now you again want to try to trick the system and break more rules?

No wonder you got your first account banned and this one will be banned too sooner or later.


You are trying to trick system, 1 account per Individual means 1 account per person not per computer mobile or laptop !
You better talk to CS first and ask them if you can now reopen new account or not and follow their guidelines !

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You cannot have a new account, unless Fiverr gives you specific permission to open a new account. If you’ve been banned from Fiverr – likely because you broke the site rules – then you are not allowed to continue working on Fiverr, and certainly not with a second account.

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You are not allowed for using multiple payoneer account. You will need to verify payoneer account.
If multiple account be detected, then your payoneer account also will be suspended.

Hello here please I need help, I want to remove the payonner bank account that is on my Fiverr and I have contacted Fiverr through mail bit no replies please I need your help

You need to start your own new thread, this one belongs to someone else !

Okay…did you have an idea to that please

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No you can’t use the same account. It’s against rules