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Can I use or activate GRAMMARLY / GRAMMARLY EXTENSION for my Fiverr account? It gives me any effect in my Fiverr account?


Why not? One is not connected to other. This is web site. Grammarly is installed in Chrome and active on all sites. It gives you suggestions as you type.


Thank you so much. :heart_eyes:

I was worried about that because Fiverr has too many stick rules so that I think is it break any rules about extension or not.

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Well, I do not know how exactly are you using an extension that would make you wonder if it is against TOS. Of course, you can use any tool available to check your grammar in the gig description and your messages. Maybe only if you, I don’t know, offer proofreading, but you do not emphasize that you are using Grammarly as a support feature. For me, I have Grammarly pro, and I use it only to save time. However, I always do the proofreading manually since Grammarly is still an AI and can not perceive what the author was trying to accomplish by using a specific sentence and word structure.


Their rules are about not using extensions that help you game the system and manipulate your account. Obviously improving your grammar doesn’t game the system.

But don’t think this will make it look like your English is proper. It won’t. You still need to really improve it.


I’m going slightly off topic, but it’s relevant…

A couple of my slightly painful experiences (bearing in mind I’m a proofreader) included a buyer who cross referenced my proofreading with Grammarly, and as a result questioned a couple of my changes. Grammarly wasn’t wrong to point out what it did, but what it couldn’t do was understand the context of the writing. It resulted in me wasting 15 minutes providing examples and explanations to my buyer.

Another similar experience was a client who’d used Google Translate to convert a document from German into English, and had then put it through Grammarly before asking me to work on it (to make it native English). The document was terrible to work on and took three or four times longer to complete than it should have done.

My point is that all these clever tools (and they are clever) are no substitute for the real thing - a human being with skills and experience. Whether, they’re a translator, a writer, an editor or a proofreader. There is nothing like the human touch.

So, a plea to buyers. Pease don’t give us sellers documents that have been mangled through these online tools. Or if you really have to, tell us up front so we can adjust the price of the job. Believe me, such mangled work takes far longer to complete. And our time costs money. Play fair.


Yeah obviously.

Thanks for your advice :heart_eyes:

Really It was horrible experience. I agree with you.

It was just curiosity about using this extension. I think sometimes it helps though not at all. The virtual extension is not clever than the human skills.

Thanks for sharing your experience :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much.

All Grammarly does is put things into prescriptivist terms. It doesn’t account for natural and cultural evolutions of language.

It’s only meant to be a reminder if you accidentally make an error or something. It doesn’t dictate how you should write or what is even correct.

And to be honest I think a lot of people with poor English think they can use it to trick people into thinking their English is better than it is, which of course doesn’t work. If your English is poor, that is going to be apparent even if you use Grammarly and you probably won’t understand Grammarly’s recommended changes, anyway, or see if they are put of context and thus irrelevant. So Grammarly isn’t that helpful unless your English is superb and you just need some reminders.


Yes you can use mate - have fun :+1: but i must say improve your english rather than relaying on extensions :ok_hand:


And thank you so much!

You might have seen some of my other posts referring to my worst Fiverr experience where a client claimed my was work was terrible and they tried to cancel the order, then left unwarranted feedback (customer support ruled in my favour).

That nightmare experience was the Google Translate / Grammarly job I referred to above. Rather than assist the client, the online tools butchered the meaning and context of the original text to a point that it lost meaning and relevance.

Rather than the client recognise their own actions (not employing a professional translator) and wanting to do the job on the cheap (not paying for a translator), caused the issue - they chose to use me as the scapegoat. I should add that I requested a mutual cancellation when I first saw the text, but the nightmare buyer wouldn’t agree.

Online tools like Google Translate and Grammarly can act as a useful casual guide, but as you say (I’m paraphrasing a little here), if you can’t understand WHY these tools are suggesting the changes, then you should not rely on them. And as a buyer you 100% should not expect us sellers to work on such texts.

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For me personally and I am being fully honest since there is no point in doing anything other than that, I use Grammarly mostly for “, and” “the” “an” “a” “-” stuff I just neglect when I type. I write technical books and sometimes if I waste time on grammar I completely lose my trail of thoughts so I just type type type misspell, wrong words, I do not care, if I am feeling “it” I type. Later on, I look at my work and cover myself with a blanket but I am happy since I have the easy part over, my book is ready. Now, all it takes is the hard work of proofreading my nonsense.


Yours is a perfect example of how Grammarly can benefit people.

We’re all human and can miss words as we type. A bit like an advanced spellcheck, Grammarly can guide us to our errors. They’re the sort of errors that we can’t believe we made because we know we shouldn’t have made them! You know the reaction “Oh, silly me. Of course! Why did I do that? What was I thinking?!”

But the difference between you and, for example, my nightmare buyer is that you possess the skills to understand why the text was wrong.

The danger (and the pain for us sellers) is when people use Grammarly as a substitute for skills and knowledge.


Thank you again!

And, quite frankly, I find it deceptive when people use tools to try to trick people into thinking their English is better than it actually is. The only reason this may work is if the receiving party is just as incompetent.

In any case, if all you have is a tool to go on to tell if something is right or wrong, you have no business hiring people to do it or publish it.


Well, not “obviously” as you didn’t understand why Fiverr would be okay with Grammarly, but not a scam tool, as if they are comparable. That’s the whole reason you asked this…

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Exactly. It’s merely a reminder tool. It doesn’t teach you English or compensate for poor English. It only helps if you’re on the right track already and know how to interpret the recommendations.


Yes, true. Sometimes I get angry (silly I know) at Grammarly, and I “talk back” to “him” at his suggestions that completely destroy what I was trying to convey. And I take the most pleasure in clicking on the “ignore” button.


I agree with previous posters, there should be no problem using Grammarly (unless it’s a gig about grammar and the seller said they check it all manually). Just like spelling checkers can be usefull. It should help with communication to make it bettter then it would have been. Fiverr could also create their own grammar checker that could be used to check things like that the descriptions in Fiverr concerts are correct enough.

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Thank You So Much mate :heart_eyes:

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