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Can i use other site for my portfolio?

I have 3 question !
Hi i am new here!!

  1. can i use my site or other site link like, as my portfolio lik on gig discrepiton ??
  2. or can i use my own site link on my gig description for my portfolio ??
  3. which site fiverr suggest for for using work portfolio ?
  1. you can use any link mentioned in this list: Fiverr Allowed URLs

  2. you cannot use your own site link, unless Fiverr expressly approved it and allows you to do that after contacting CS about it (although I’ve heard they won’t really allow it either way)

  3. Fiverr doesn’t suggest a particular site for portfolio as far as I know; it depends on what kind of work you want to showcase, for which you will have to choose one of the portfolio sites from this list


Flickr is approved by Fiverr only, so you can proceed with the flickr without any problem :slight_smile:

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