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Can I use payoneer account without a card for withdrawing?

I am still in level 1 and new here. Advance Thanks.


Yes, just add your bank account to Payoneer. When you withdraw money from Fiverr it will come directly to your bank.


Which country are you from? In India, you do not need a card. Just a Bank account linked to Payoneer. It transfers the money to Bank directly.


Yes you can.i also transfer without ny card in bangladesh.

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thanks … what about pakistan?

In case of bank withdrawal, we are not required to apply for a payoneer card? We can withdraw through our regular ATM bank cards after the transfer (from fiverr to payoneer)?


Yes of course. It is not necessary to apply for a Payoneer card unless you want it. Even without card you can transfer to your bank account.

Note that payneer card is free. At least I’m sure your first card is free. They brought mine to my pickup station for free.

Ok. When I transfer my earnings (from fiverr to bank account) first time, payoneer will deduct it’s per year fee?
When payoneer deduct it’s fee?

It’s totally free. Annually fee is deducted only when you have activated card and is about $30. You don’t have a card, so don’t worry about any fee.

So bank transfer is more reliable in consideration of pricing deductions? Which method do you recommend me?

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I want to continue bank withdrawal, if you have any helpful link for the process, please instruct me. Thank-you so much.

Both are fine. Bank transfer option and transferring through card. I use card option, I haven’t ordered card yet but I send funds through this option, it works same as the other but I think it’s fast.

Without ordering card through Payoneer you can use this option.

I will suggest you using card option instead of bank withdrawal. I don’t have any helpful link, no worries you can ask for any query until you satisfy. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work that way. The money first goes to Payoneer and from there to your bank account.

It is not free
There is a withdrawal charge of $3 for every withdrawal. Best thing to do is keep the money on Fiverr and withdraw once a month.

Oh if that is the case, bank withdrawal seems really reliable.
Because we do not have to worry about per year deductions.

Thankyou so much for clearing it out.
But its still getting messed up :sweat_smile:

From fiverr to Payoneer --> Are there any charges?
From Payoneer to bank --> Are there any charges?

The total charge is $3. When you do a bank transfer Fiverr will send the funds to Payoneer and they automatically transfer the money to your bank account. There is no separate charges only one charge and you don’t have to login to Payoneer and ask them to transfer to your account.

Where are you from?

Check these links

Fiverr card charges

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From Pakistan.
Thankyou so much.