Can i use phone number for multiple account?


Can i change my phone number? Which i verified when i create fiverr. Now i want to change my phone number. Is it possible? One another thing is do i able to used same phone number which i used before account on fiverr?


If you wish, considering the fact that you no longer wish to freelance with your original account.

That is certainly possible. Just go to settings.


Would i ban for this? Kindly tell me that.


You can change your phone Number, Have no any confuse.
But if you already Use your phone number previous on other fiverr account, You can add this same Phone Number But if your previous account is available or active now you can add this phone number again. But I will tell you for not use the same number again.

For future assist please go to the help center (Customer support) They will help you exactly what you needed.


You can change phone number, It’s not any problem at all. But if you change your number to any that already has been used in an account than they will ban both account.


I’ll suggest you that you should not add number which is already used.


Thanks for suggestion. :innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent: