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Can i use quora paid ads for promoting my gig?

I want to use Quora ads for promoting gig.

is this allowed?

has anyone used it before and got any success?


Quora, like most other websites, consider it spam if you promote your gigs on their sites. Don’t spam your gig links anywhere. Instead, take some time to learn how to market professionally and effectively. You can learn more about this by searching for marketing articles on the internet.


why it is considered as spam if i am paying for running ads on quora to promote my gig?

If Quora has a specific ads program that allows you to PAY for ad space, then no, that would not be spam – because, clearly, Quora would be earning revenue from your marketing interests. I was referring to the common (but wrong) belief by many – even new sellers here on Fiverr – that they can just post their links in their answers/posts and call that advertising. Users cannot post – spam – their links in comments posted on Quora. Clearly, that was what I was saying “no” to.

As to whether you will have success purchasing marketing space for your gig links on Quora, none of us can tell you that because everyone’s experience would be different. If you want to make use of another site’s marketing services, take the leap, test it out, and see whether or not it works for YOU. Only YOU can determine whether that would be a good idea for your gigs.

We cannot answer questions that only YOU can determine through experimentation.


You may try building your personal brand on Quora.

Quora is NOT a personal brand-building site. It is a questions and answers site. People ask questions, and other people provide help by answering those questions.


by answering questions, helping people to solve their problems, it shall demonstrate your expertise.

That’s called building personal brand. #yourthoughts please

I have already shared my thoughts on this topic.

Some people are very rude here.
For those who don’t know Quora is now running ads like facebook, insta, twitter ecc.
As per if you should run one or not, I have read somewhere that if you drive a lot of traffic to your gig but no one is buying it it will have negative impact on your gig’s seo so be careful.


I doubt that you might be reported as spam. Quora do not appreciate posting gigs of other websites on their platform.

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very nice answer. very essential.

I have No Idea, May i also Use paid ads on quora?

Right ! I agree with you