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Can I use refunds plus my card to pay for gig?

I have a $10 refund. If I buy a $20 gig, will I be able to use my refund and pay for the rest with a card?

Also will I have to pay the service fee again?

Thanks for the help!


No, there’s no option for partial payments, you will have to buy gig either via your Fiverr balance or via credit card.

You can contact Customer Support and ask for the balance to be transferred to your payment provider.

Yes, every time you buy a gig, you will have to pay service fee.

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This is correct, but there is another option if you prefer it. You can ask a seller to divide your order into two $10 parts. The up side is that you don’t need Customer Support help to do it. The down side is that you would pay the processing fee yet another time.

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