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Can I use same internet like same wifi between two of our friends?

I am confused about one thing. I know fiverr doesn’t allow to use multiple accounts through a device like pc or phone. But sometimes it seems that I share the same room with my friends where my friend also a Graphic designer like me and provide the same service like me. In that room we use the same wifi connection.
My question is, if we use the same wifi connection to use fiverr from two different or individual device, does it violate the fiverr rule?

Thank you

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So there are two accounts, from the same room with the same internet connection, and both accounts do the same thing? Are both accounts on the same payment account?

wifi means same internet connection and same ip and also same service… So both of your account will be disable

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No. There are no two accounts. I was confused about that. I said "if"
Just curiosity

Thank you for your information

Let’s see, a fictitious scenario.

Three college friends live together and have one internet - logical.

All three want to open a separate account on 5r - also logical.

You contact customer support to let them know by providing credentials that you are three separate individuals. They give a thumbs up - you are good to go.

I’ve moved twice since opening my 5r account and used it while on travel across the US in various hotels and friends internet - I have yet to get a warning from 5r.

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