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Can I Use Same network but different smartphone to run 2 different account

Need help.Can I use Same (network) wifi but different smart phone .Is there any problem.


We do not help people to break Fiverr TOS here.

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Because we have a wifi and my brother want run his account on same wifi network like if i have laptop and he use his smartphone.


He needs to have his own internet and use it 500 or 1 km away from you.

You can not share same internet and it is only allowed by customer service and only in extreme situations. And you can not provide same services in same field, they must be completely unrelated.

Tell cousin/brother to get his own internet. Or you get second one.

If you both verify your accounts with your own identity, that can clearly show that both of the accounts are of different person there should not be any issue.

Although talk to fiverr CS regarding this and show them evidence that owner of both accounts are different and this should be good !

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I have heard on the Forum that it is possible to have two accounts in the same household IF you contact CS at and ask for their permission.

However, you must sign up with different bank accounts and sell different services.

I do not understand how you could provide any Fiverrr services from a smartphone only. :thinking:

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@surajrenuka You are all wrong and this will cause problems for people thinking it is true. please correct your post. You can not share the internet and have two accounts on the same internet. It doesn’t matter if you have different IDs.

Two accounts on the same network is only possible with permission by Fiverr and only in case, both accounts do not offer same services.

@marinapomorac He did say: :arrow_down:


So… First you want to run 2 accounts, then it’s about you and your cousin, then it’s about you and your brother?

Which one is it, really?

Anyway, if it really is you and your brother/cousin/whatever, you need permission from Customer Support first, otherwise both accounts will be banned. You will also need different email addresses, different phone numbers, different PayPal/Payoneer accounts, you won’t be able to sell the same services, and you won’t be allowed to interact with each other on Fiverr.


I don’t know who and why flagged this post…There is nothing wrong.

I already said this…

fiverr TOS says, " To prevent fraud and abuse, users are limited to one active account ", It doesn’t says one account per Internet connection !

3 of my friends are living in same rented room in my city and all of them sells on fiverr.

It does matter, different IDs means different persons !

Fiverr has over a million users and world has over x-million of robbers and frauds. Not everyone is caught.
Just because they are doing it doesn’t mean it is OK, it is just that Fiverr did not catch them still, same as those calling centers scamming elderlies with fake viruses to get Google gift cards.
It is illegal and every day we take out one of them but they keep coming up.

How can Fiverr know that your friend #2 is not doing a job of #3 on Fiverr with his account when #1 is doing something 4th. In order to avoid getting into this issue Fiverr prevents multiple accounts by different persons in the same household.

Your 3 friends created accounts, how can they prove all 3 work, not just one with 21 different GIGS?

Alright when TOS says one account per person its literaly doesn’t mean one account per Internet !
This myth is created by us that one account per Internet and its not true at all !

There are people using same wifi connection all over the world and it may be intentionally or unintentionally…

When you enter coffee shop and connects to wifi to see your fiverr messages were another fellow or more using same connection to use fiverr is not scam or against TOS !

There is nothing wrong in this either…Do you really think its against fiverr TOS ? Remember this is the purpose why they introduce fiverr STUDIO feature where different sellers can work for each other and on same project, so this one is another myth !

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If you can see the OP’s post edit history, there is two version of it. Two has complete different meaning. That’s the root of all confussion :slight_smile:


I saw his post edited !
But here he stated same !

I understand there may be different intention but I was just focusing more on question rather then adding things or finding truth behind his post !

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