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Can i use same video/image on multiple gig?

Can i use same video/image on multiple gig? Will it affect with anything related ranking?

You are not allowed to do this.

Check this out:


But it doesn’t said it will affect in ranking of any kind, in that scene i can use if i am creating same service gig? or is it also not allowed to not create same service gig?

Check this out:

As @lloydsolutions says it’s a don’t, but think about it from a buyer’s perspective. If you saw a seller had used the same video on multiple gigs, would you not think of it as lazy?

If a seller thinks of you as lazy the chances of getting hired just got flushed down the bog.

Understanding buyer psychology really does help make sales, shortcuts are never the answer, unless you’re looking to fail.


Got it, Actually i wanted to spit test with color variation kind of things like paid ads. So its same with some minor changes.

You can’t use this, But you can provide the same service on different categories and descriptions, etc.

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