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Can i use skype for my fiverr clients?

As i am very good in excel , i was thinking to create a gig regarding teaching excel while sharing my screen using skype. But i am not sure fiverr will allow me to send my skype id or email address to my client.

So can we share skype id or not ??

If i am not allowed to send my skype id than is there any alternative method ??

To avoid having any problem with Fiverr about this, contact customer support FIRST to explain that you want to use Skype & get permission from them. Technically I don’t believe it’s needed, but if you post any contact information in your gig title or description, it can cause your gig to be denied. So ask CS how best to write up your gig so your buyers will understand how your gig will work (i.e. through Skype contact). Then when they order you’ll be able to exchange contact information.