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Can I use some help? I might need it soon

Hello everyone! I have opened my fiverr account recently but for some reasons I’ve run into some problems. I have to deactivate my account for several reasons (Need to change my username, Currently have lost my chance to order a fiverr revenue card and some other things.)
But before I do so, I had to make sure about a few things. First thing is that; Will I have to use another phone number to verify the new account? I noticed that I have to use a new mail address so I thought it might be the same thing for my phone number.
The next thing is that; Will I have the options to order a revenue card on the new account? This one is a bit complicated but the short story is that I used the link in my account, Then got the mail that redirected me to the payoneer card sign up page, But at a very f’ed up moment I accidentally closed that tab and now I can’t get the same email to go back on that page since the revenue card option is now greyed out. I contacted both fiverr and payoneer support and the last thing I was told is that I can only order a payoneer card now once I receive my first 30 bucks. Also: Will my current fiverr account remain in my payoneer’s funding sources segment? Can I remove it from there? Can I even use my existing payoneer account for the new account or will I get banned?
The last thing is that; When opening a new account, Do I have to refill all my information on the seller page and sign up from the beginning? Do I have to take the fiverr tests that I had taken on my previous account? And finally, Will fiverr ban me for using a new account even tho I have deactivated the previous one? The reason I ask is that I saw some other mentioning that it has happened to them.

At the end, Thanks for your time!

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Customer Support will be able to help you with this. The link is at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Too complex for forum. Contact Support.