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Can I use two account with one PC /computer?

But when I try to log in the same account in two different browsers.They show that you are trying to login to your account with a New Device. They detect this a new device. Why they show that as a new device?

Dear, No. you can’t create multiple account in same pc.

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Why not simply activate it again?

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You could get banned for that.

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Thank you. Fiverr can banned me. It is risky for my established profile.

No, you can’t.
Fiver also detect IP if you use different account from different device by the same IP.

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Thanks you very much all of you.

Great Answer, Thank You

What if we open one account at one time after closing(logging out) the another account. I mean to say that, can we use one account at one time ? And the second one after logging out from the first one??