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Can I use two accounts in same laptop..?

Can I use two accounts in same laptop…??
By the way I created both account in different IP. Now I want to use one ID and delete one ID. Can I do that…?? Please give your advise.
Thanks :slight_smile:


You can only have one. You should be able to delete the extra account yourself but in case you can’t ask customer support for assistance.

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its better to use one account as its a rrule of can delet another


It is surprising to see here every day the same question: Play fair, play clean, don´t cheat and you won´t have a problem.

Just this part of your message “I created both account in different IP” makes clear, that “something may be fishy”.

BTW: Even if you cheat with the IP, there are “dozens of” other possibilities to find out, if someone cheats. This is Kindergarten from a developers point of view. You need to be more clever than all the algorithms and the technical knowledge of the people from the company, you want to cheat :wink:


You use 2 account in one laptop if you have opened this account in the different ip address.
If you didn’t use share ip address.


I reckon Fiverr tracks your mac address of your laptop. So, its safer to have one account on one laptop.

You’re not allowed to have more than one account. If you have more than one account, all of your accounts can (and probably will) get banned.


For anyone wondering about why Fiverr is looking at ID verification, here is your answer.


always be honest. use one account. if you have perfect skill you will success from one account.