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Can i use two fiverr account using same wi-fi connection?

Hey, i am Alhaj. I am a WordPress designer and developer.i am working on WordPress. But My brother has learned also WordPress design and development. Now We can use same wifi for two different pc?

So please somebody give me a suggestion


Yes you can but services have to different in 2 account… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Ask customer service. I do hope that each account has a separate payment processor, don’t use the same PayPal account.


As i’ve heard the accounts should be based on 2 different categories atleast.

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yes, we will use different payment method and different mail and different account


Services also should be different . Otherwise smae service will not rank

I don’t think that’s necessary. They’re two different sellers, so they can compete with each other and everyone else. What I do recommend is not using the same gig title and gig description, if possible.

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This should not be a problem as long you guys don’t copy each other verbatim.

No. You don’t do it.

services and payment method should be different.

Don’t !
If both of you are working in same field, use 1 account for both of you…
When you are offering similar services and using same location it would be trouble…and one or both of your account can get banned !

All the people on the forums advising against this have no idea what they’re talking about. And I’m willing to bet everyone who says you can’t do it, has done it in the past - if you have the mobile app installed, it’s almost certain you have been connected with your mobile phone to a wi-fi with others using Fiverr as well. Impossible to avoid.

What if you work out of a coffeeshop/co-working space, where everyone shares the same IP? What if some other people there also work on Fiverr and are logged on, something you have no way to even know? What if your neighbour connects to your home wi-fi without your knowledge and also sells on Fiverr?
What then? All banned? Please.

The rule is simple and clear - 1 account per person. That’s it. Each person can have one account. Fiverr enforces this by demanding proof of identity when you create an account.

IP is meaningless, field of work is meaningless, etc. - unless you are doing something shady. If you draw suspicion that you may be running multiple accounts, than that data can be useful. If you play by the rules and only have one account, it’s fine.


I dont know if fiverr immediately catches just after a second of sharing connection…but when they smell something fishy , more like keep sharing same wi fi / IPs regularly…offering same services being online same time…they may take actions, otherwise there is no way fiverr would know if I am using more than one account…I can create many account and start sharing my family member’s identity who even dont know about fiverr…

Again, that makes no sense. What if I work every day from 9-5 on a co-working space, sharing my IP with dozens of others who are there at the same time?

What if I work from my university, fast internet shared by thousands of people, some of which may also be working on Fiverr?

What if I live in a complex with one internet service for hundreds of people?

What then? All banned? It’s ridiculous.

In any case, multiple accounts are a problem if you are doing shady business. If you do everything correctly (including having only one account), Fiverr won’t even care to check the IP. If you try to run multiple accounts to get an advantage, then you’ll eventually be investigated if any problems arise.

Fiverr must be accessing out location, they know where we are…and No single email can be registered for different fiverr acount, so there is something from what fiverr know its same person accessing multiple accounts…or more like suspecting that 1 person accessing that accounts…we have case where accounts are banned with that reason…


But that’s not through IP. First of all, the ip won’t give you the exact location, just the general area. Second of all, if they did that nobody would be able to work on Fiverr if they lived with someone else who already worked on Fiverr. Say students, in a student dorm, with possibly hundreds of people living there. Only one can work on Fiverr, the rest are screwed. That’s insane.

If you are running multiple accounts by yourself, there will be other signs, and that’s what they will catch. For instance, you won’t be able to be logged in and relying to people on both at the same time, you’ll have to keep switching. Even if you keep both open on different browsers, you’ll have to keep switching your attention back and forth, no human can do two things at once lol.


Yes !
Its not they are banning only on IP…but its one of the aspect !
People may own laptop and computer too…and can keep open both account same time…so very first step toward this investigation can be - being on same location and offering same services…
I guess they wont bann it directly, but this may be clue where whole investigation starts…

Sure, and the point is it will lead nowhere if they don’t have multiple accounts. Which is what matters. Let them investigate all they want, if each person can prove they are the owners of their account, nothing should happen.

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Right…but not all cases can be won, I would suggest to prevent then curing it later !

You cab do 2 account in same network.But if you create same category service it it can be some problem.But if you prove both are different identity then nothing should be happen.