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Can i use two fiverr account using same wi-fi connection?

So i can create 2 accounts in same WiFi convention. But can’t create same category services? @shihabmorshed

Yes, you use different account in different pc :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello experts :heart:
I’m Habibullah Siddique. Currently I’ve created fiverr account and working as a WordPress Developer.
I’ve a question.
My wife is a graphic designer, working with level one seller since 2017. I’m a WordPress developer recently open fiverr account. And we’re working from same location, same WiFi connection. But our services are different.
I want to hear from fiverr experts, Is it okay? Is it safe for both account?

It is safe. As long as you are working in different computer, different account and different payment account.

You can.
But services have to be different in different PCs.