Can i use whiteboard video for my fiver gig video


Hello my fellow fiverr users, merry xmas and happy new year in advance. Just want to a you all if i can use a white board video for my gig video… thanks


Yes, you can use a whiteboard vid for a gig video.


Ofcourse you can just upload that on your Gig Video and that will be done ! all the best !


Yes you can, Make sure
1.Your video has a clear voice
2.Your video explain what you are offering
3.Your video has no copyright issue


Obviously, you can whiteboard animation for your gig.


Hi Hellen,

Wish you Merry Christmas!! Yes you can use white board video as your gig video.



Hello Hellen, I hope you are doing amazing today. The answer of your question is yes you can. I think its a very good idea to promote your gig. Just make sure your video content is relevant and exact so the viewer can connect very easily. Thanks