Can I use work done in Fiverr in my personal portfolio?


Hello everyone, I’m new here. I wonder if I can use work done here on my personal website.

Thank you.


Yes you can, so long as the buyer has agreed to it appearing in your live portfolio.


Wait… are you referring to work that you make for a buyer? Or work that you receive from a seller?


The work that I made for a buyer. Can I post the work on my behance for example?


Please see my answer above - and they may ask you to remove it if they don’t like it being there.


Many thanks! I was afraid there was some Fiverr rule prohibiting this.


Nope - I asked CS about this a while ago, and so long as the buyer okays it to be in your live portfolio, you’re good to go. As i say, some might ask you to remove it from third party websites, which I’ve done in the past. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Unless you specifically ask the buyer for permission and they agree, you should not do this. Even if it is just for demonstration purposes. The work belongs to the buyer the minute you take their money.


Also, keep in mind that some buyers explicitly mention their license terms and usage restrictions on their gig pages, so you might want to look at gig descriptions carefully in such cases.


When the buyer completes a gig, where visuals such as graphics or videos are delivered, they are asked to give permission to allow the inclusion of the work in the seller’s live portfolio.

It’s fine if they say yes, and equally fine if they say no.

Only if they say yes will it appear in the live portfolio on Fiverr, and CS says it can then be used on any third party portfolio site, with the proviso that the buyer may ask for it to be removed if they don’t want it there.


That’s weird. I frequently buy visuals and have never seen such a request for my permission. Is it hard to spot?


It’s a little checkbox I believe which you can check or uncheck depending on whether you want the work to be shown in the seller’s portfolio.

It’s the only way portfolio items are added, sellers can’t add items themselves, so it must be pretty visible.


Certainly. I am assuming a minimum of ethics and ask the client for permission to use the work. My question is if Fiverr had any rules that would prohibit me from using work on any third party portfolio site.


Please see my previous answer above - if the buyer elects to have work added to your live portfolio, then CS says you can use it in your third party portfolios.

If they don’t want their work displayed publicly, that’s fine, you don’t!


Add Live Portfolio After Gig Completion?

Thank you @miiila!


when someone commissions you to do a work, they own the work. not you.

If @offlinehelpers was working for Disney, ANYTHING done while employed at Disney, even if he/she/it draws an arrow on a napkin at home, that arrow belongs to Disney.


So why is Fiverr pushing the live portfolio then? I’m sure as a buyer you must look for it too?


because it helps people see the work that the seller is actually turning in and not the three photos that they (more than likely) took off the internet.


I am sure the buyer has to approve the request from the seller.

I wouldn’t want a video gig saying merry christmas to my family being on a seller’s portfolio