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Can i use Youtube video in my Gig video?

My video got rejected and all i know it was because i had youtube frag movie of some twitch guy in it, do fiverr warn if we use youtube videos ?

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Fiverr asked you to follow this:

but you didn’t.

You could have gotten warning for ToS violation so video rejection means Fiverr was nice to you in fact.


Yes, absolutely. Have you ever read TOS before?

That’s even worse, are you kidding me? Did you get permission to use that guy’s face? Imagine your own face put on some sort of poster advertising something without your permission or without you knowing anything about it.


no his face wasnt in the video, just his gameplay video. i cant even put my own youtube video inside ?

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I never said you couldn’t, but you don’t have permission to put video from someone else. That’s stealing and you can be easily warned for this.


yeah i did get a TOS warning and thank god my account wasnt banned.
btw thanks

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Have a look at this: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned!

Here is the updated “warnings” link for the above topic: Fiverr Help and Education Center


What do you mean “just”? You can’t steal other people’s stuff and then use it to try to make a profit. Good grief.

And as has already been stated only your original content can go in gig videos.

Learn the rules and get some ethics.


sharing my experience doesn’t let you have a right to be rude, i already fixed it and i had no intentions to make money off that video.
i already had my 1 week of hard work put into that gig graphics and animation, the fragmovie was just a visual representation how the layout would look like

A video promoting your gig IS for making money. The whole point of it is to drive sales.

I’m curt because you’re looking for sympathy for theft. We’re supposed to feel sorry for you because you stole someone’s work and got caught…

Do you even have idea or know anything about a layout ?
ifiverr help was kind enough (unlike like you) to help me go through tos for future.
but i should feel sorry for you because there isnt a word “kind” in your dictionary for other people. end of discussion.

Why? Because layouts require you to steal other people’s work and make it okay to break the ToS and basic ethics? No.

It’s irrelevant what I do or don’t know about layouts. Stop justifying your theft and seeking pity. If you behaved ethically and followed the rules you wouldn’t have wasted that time making it and put your account at risk. It’s your own fault.

Fiverr doesn’t owe it to you to let you break ethics and rules and steal from people.