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Can I verify my fiverr account with passport?

I have no idea how to verify a new Fiverr account at Fiverr. I don’t have a NID card. But I have a passport. Can I now verify my Fiverr account with a passport?


Yes, You can easily verify your account by Passport.


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Check out this article:

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Yes hopefully you can.Because passport are acceptable in any where.


Yes, You can verify your Fiverr account with Passport.

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This has been answered . There is no need to keep repeating the answer.

Yes, you can. Because passports are acceptable in Every Country.

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Yes you can verify with passport. There are three materials to verify your account, National Identity Card, Passport and last one may be birth certificate or something i can’t recall right now but yes passport can verify your account.

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Don’t copy previous information.

Sure I also verify my account use passport don’t worry

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This has been repeated 6 times!

No information has been copied. I think you have mistaken something. Thanks for getting connected tho

Yes, You can! I have verified my Fiverr account by using a passport copy
. Thanks :grinning:

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