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Can I want to quit my freelancing career?

I had started my freelancing career In January I had made 2 websites In one month which is very less time
But In Fiverr there are no gigs order how can I manage my gigs in future


Quitting is not an option, patience and consistency is the key. You can still make good things happen.


If you did all what under your control, then you can quit!

It’s your life, only you can decide if quitting is your best option.

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If you’re thinking about quitting after less than a month, then freelancing isn’t for you.


Amen. This is good advice, @ganeshshetty236. Freelancing takes time and persistence - it’s not for everyone, and there’s no shame in that, but there’s also not a lot of wisdom in continuing to bang your head on a brick wall.

If it doesn’t feel right, if it’s more frustrating than engaging and challenging, maybe a more traditional job might be a better fit for you.


I started my freelancing career in 2012. Made some sales, moved somewhere cheaper, and got a job as the world’s worst waiter in the world’s worst Chinese restaurant. When I stared making more sales, I got a job in a better restaurant. Finally, when I had enough sales to live on, I quit my job and bought a new chair.

Nothing happens by magic. You have to find your own way to make things work and adapt as you go along.