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Can i withdraw $ from a bann fiverr accout on my payoneer card?


I am using a payoneer card for withdraw fund from my fiverr account.Can i withdraw fund from a banned fiverr account?If withdraw from banned account could harm my present account?


You are not supposed to open another account, if your account got banned, you better check with Customer Support on this. I think there’s a rule in place that you’ll get your funds from a banned account after a certain time has passed, but you will have to contact them for that.

You can find a link to Customer Support page in the footer if you scroll down on your main account page (not here, this is ‘just’ the forum). You’ll find links like Terms of Service and Trust and Safety there too, I’d very much recommend to read all of that.


In addition to the @miiila reply, please refer below link & the screenshot if in case if you need a way to contact customer support.



As far as I know, you can’t connect the same Payoneer card to two different accounts, and trying to do that could get you banned.

It’s best to ask Customer Support for help, as others have said.


Yes you can withdraw you money from your banned account after 45 days. Just contact CS, they will reopen your account for 24 hours maximum. After that they will shut down your account again.


Thanks for helping me.


But i have only one payoneer card to withdraw.


Contact Customer Support and ask them for help and advice. They’re the only ones who can help you. We’re just forum users, not Fiverr staff, and we can only guess what can or can’t be done in your specific case.