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Can i withdraw from Fiver Revenue Card

Hi is there any way i can widraw funds from my fiverr revenue card while if i click on Bank funds transfer?

You must be thinking why iam trying to this…

Because my fiverr revenue card button doesn’t work and its greyed for more information and details on this matter check this reference no for payoneer 150907-018234

For fiverr ticket #1105499

Hey buddy, have you tried talking to Fiverr Customer Service? I too am intrigued about that bank transfer, but while I have funds to withdraw, I’m not too keen on clicking it, next thing my money goes somewhere I don’t know.
However based on what I am seeing, you may need to activate your payoneer card and then try to withdraw to it after activation. I know when you withdraw to that it goes to your Payoneer account either way, however I’m not sure if the bank option allows you to withdraw to your personal bank or the Payoneer account. CS would be able to lead you along correctly.

Reply to @jdadvertising: yes i have contacted them but they asked me to be patient… though its almost 20 days now and my widraw button is not activated.
My card is already activated on payoneer … i dont know when cs will solve my problem

Reply to @saadiworld: I know with recent updates, a lot of people have been having issues. so they must be bombarded with request tickets. I do hope you get things rectified soon though! All the best!!