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Can I withdraw funds on Neteller account?


Hello there,
Is there a way to get paid in my neteller account from Fiverr?
If it cannot be possible What is the best way to be paid from Fiverr Paypal or Payoneer?
I’d like to transfer my funds to my neteller account after all. I’m from Venezuela


Hola hermano! I’m from venezuela too (Sucre state) I think it is no possible right now! Neteller and Fiverr are not associated. Fiverr just offer us as a paid method: Paypal, Bank transfer and Fiverr Card (tarjeta de debito de payoneer) I think we can use the bank transfer to "transfer the fiverr money from "fiverr to a internacional bank account and then, from bank account to neteller. or also… From the Fiverr card to neteller. Saludos!


Hello friend, I am also from Venezuela :sonriendo:
Even Fiverr is not associated with Neteller
The best, the fastest and most direct is to work with PAYPAL
I recommend this method of payment
Opening an account in Paypal is easy
report well on this subject
Greetings from Aragua :guiño:
Blessings :smiley: