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Can I withdraw money to Payoneer balance even though I do not have a physical fiverr revenue card yet?

The title says it all basically. I want to switch from Paypal to Payoneer. But I have not ordered a card yet. When the balance is available, I will choose Fiverr revenue card. Will my money be sent to my Payoneer balance and will I be able to withdraw it to my bank account?


When you choose to withdraw by “Bank Transfer” your earnings will directly be transferred to your Payoneer account.

You will receive email from fiverr stating your request for withdrawal is successful and Payoneer will also send you an email stating payment successfully received from fiverr and they will automatically transfer the funds to your local bank account.

You must link your Payoneer with your fiverr account.
You must link your local bank account with Payoneer.
Good luck on your withdrawals?


If I withdraw via Payoneer, will it be deposited to my bank automatically? I have 40 usd on Payoneer and want to add fiverr funds first there because minimum withdrawal on Payoneer is 50.

Well, I withdraw my funds using Payoneer and my withdrawal are mostly less than 50 USD and it automatically get credited into my local bank account.

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How many days does it take usually?

For me it usually takes about 12 hours

Yes, You can Withrow money to your payoneer account and send to your bank without payneer card.

The answer is Yes, you can withdraw your money to payoneer even without card, the only thing you need is to configure your payoneer account with fiverr and you are good to go.