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Can I withdraw money with unverified payoneer?

I have a Payoneer account and it’s not verified by national id, passport or driving license… Can I use this Payoneer account to withdraw money??

Don’t suggest me, to verify and withdraw, I know the whole process how to verify Payoneer acccont… Just need to know is it possible or not to withdraw money using unverified payoneer .


the first time I used it without checking my payoneer account and I had no problem, I was able to charge peacefully.
(I do not know other people)

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Simple answer “NO”.You can not withdraw your fiverr revenue to you unverified payoneer account . If you connect your fiverr account to unverified payoneer account then you need to verify the payoneer account to get withdraw and if you want to remove the fiverr account from your unverified payoneer account you have to verified the payoneer account ,otherwise you can not remove that also … So do not try to withdraw through unverified payoneer account .



Thanks a lot dude… I always glad to get your quick response…

So is there have any problem,if i never add billing information now??

No … When you want to get withdraw ,you can add the payment method then …

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I mean, If I never filled these options now, will I face any problem?

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No. You can fill that when you want to get a withdraw …

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Thanks a lot dude…

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you are welcome…

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friend this is not possible