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Can i withdraw my fiverr payments via my parents payoneer account?

Dear all,
I am new seller at fiverr.
Can i withdraw my fiverr payments via my parents payoneer account? I am not illegible for opening Payoneer account (I’ve no NID card ) . what is suggestion for me?

Yes, you can as long as your Parents Payoneer Account is not linked to any other fiverr account other then you.
I prefer you create a new Payoneer Account that is only for your Fiverr earnings

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I am also under 18, I am using my fathers account, if you face any problem, inbox me. Ask for any issue, i will be there to help you

thanks . it was my one of big confusion

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How much time it would be take to open and activate account after proper document submission ?

First, you need to create payoneer account, by your parents name and NID. you also need to attach your same PARENT bank account to your payoneer account. Let say, if you create your account by your mothers name so the bank account should be of your mother. It will take up to 3 BUSINESS days for your application to be verified. ( for me , it took 1 day ) then through fiverr earning tab click on the option you prefer and after verification through e mail and getting started you will be at payoneer page. There you need to click " already have a payoneer account and then sign in". For first payment, it may take time ( 2 BUSINESS DAYS) they may ask for a photo of your Parent NID or anything they need. For the other payments after head it take max 2 hours for your earning to be in your payoneer account. After that you can withdraw from your card or to bank account.

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Thank you so much ! It’ been a pleasure

any help afterwards let me know :slight_smile: