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Can Ifind original request or even original offer?

I checked my inbox this morning and I had a response from a buyer Request I had sent some days ago. But I cant find the original offer in Sent Offers. i’m searching in my Sent Offers for the name on the message in my inbox but i’m not finding it. Are there more sent offers I’m not seeing?

The message in my inbox has my original response to the buyer and the original request. But I can’t find the price I offered originally. I don’t know what to charge.

I need to find the price I offered the buyer some days ago… I don’t know how many days ago

Hi @ronc0011

May I suggest you to ALWAYS include in the corps of your offers, price, delivery time and any other special data (e.g. revisions, etc.).

You will need to go through ALL the offers you sent until you find it, there’s no other way. To get to the older ones you need to press “Load More” at the bottom of the page.

Hope this hepls!

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