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Can it is easy to get a Buyer on Fiver


Hello People.
Can someone tell me it is easy to get buyer on Fiverr.
and How long i Get a Buyer on Fiverr.


it is not easy to get a buyer anywhere


nothing is easy …you must struggle hard to catch buyers .


I can’t say that it’s easy nor will I lie to you and tell you it is easy. It’s very difficult. The best and number one things to do are to come at available offers with a clean mindset, proper spelling and punctuation, and a great attitude towards working with others.


Thanks for advise.
I do more Hard work to Get Clients.


thanks for your Advise.
I think you are a Professional buyers.
and you Grow very well.


I am nothing close to a professional buyer, but I thank you greatly for the kind words! :grin:


yeah i like your advice and I think you deserve these kind words.


Thank you! :slight_smile: I hope you get buyers and sellers soon!


yes I think so very Soon.
so tell me you are a buyer or Seller


I am a Seller, my special lines of work are in writing and revisions!


Oh thats Awesome.
By the way I am also seller and I am a Graphic artist.
and I provide logo Design and Business card Design service.


That’s cool! A subforum offers a place for you to promote your works and get feedback or potential buyers! I suggest making a post there!