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Can log in but cannot receive code for new device

Hi, I can log in using my details, but I’ve changed my email address and therefore can not get the code to use my new device. Is there any other way I can get back to my records, so I can retrieve the details of the people I previously worked with? Thanks for your help.


This sounds like you purchased account from someone. Why can’t you access your old email?

And if you started new account why do you want people that bought from you before? You are not allowed to contact them anyway. It is against TOS.

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Hi Marina,

No, it is the other way around. I pay people to design my book covers etc.
The people I refer to are people I have previously bought their services from and I greatly appreciate their work. I can log into my site, but the email I used was from a website that has become defunct and thus my email associated with that domain name does not work anymore. Likewise the machine I used to access Fiverr with is in container storage as I’m currently travelling.

Anyway, surely there must be an alternative way to get my new laptop registered after I have identified myself? This is the simple question, I’m asking. I hope you or someone else can assist me with this.

I understand this completely and it is a unique one of a kind situation. Unfortunately, all of this is just your words so the level of honesty is unknown to Fiverr and from their end, it could go both ways (grant you access or delete your profile).

When I log in it gives me multiple options, input password, code, Facebook, Google, sometimes when I am too annoyed to type the password or code I just click on Facebook and it loges me in. I also activated phone activation (they send me code as SMS). So I have multiple options to log in if one fails.

I do not know how many of these backup access options did you activate/set up.

Your only option is to contact CS about your situation and wait until they respond. But the moment you changed your email you should receive a notification on that email address to confirm the change. After that all info should go on that email.

“We’ll send the code via SMS, email, or Fiverr notification.”

Okay Marina, I understand. I’ll try the FB option, to see if that bypasses the code requirement. It seems strange to me, that when I have my username and password, that it is not sufficient to proceed. I guess their level of security is high. Thanks for your help. Casper

Well, you should be lucky that is not sufficient. Not so long ago Twitter and other sites were breached and I think 100000 people accounts and passwords were compromised. I even received email with one of my passwords in the subject so it was not a happy day to see that breach. Luckily the password was for sites I really do no care if someone gains access (like CNN, news, things I log in once in two years).

As a designer, I understand the importance of keeping notes on who delivers proper work so you should if you gain acces again take the links in Word or note pad file for safe keeping.