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Can Low Rating Be Improved


Hi, I had some gigs up awhile back, but I had a medical issue needed to get surgery and many got canceled because I was unable to deliver. Is it better to now start a new account or keep mine and try to improve my rating?


You can improve your rating, just work hard and the percentages will gradually go back up :slight_smile:


Reply to @bachas85: Does Fiverr allow this? Setting up a new account due to poor ratings?


Reply to @cheezees: Never heard of it. Hard work with an already excellent service is the only way. Personally I would send an apology message to the cancelled buyers letting them know of the situation and informing them that I was back in the game and available for work.


Reply to @bachas85: Especially if the struggle to regain good ratings is overwhelming. I can see how this would be abused though. But I don’t know whose extenuating circumstances would qualify and whose wouldn’t.


Everybody deserves a second chance don’t they. If it were me I would begin again - close off that old account and be very hard working.

I cannot see why it is not allowed when you are running only 1 account and starting from zero. She had medical circumstances. I’d begin a fresh. But if it happened again I think I would clearly have to decide if I could keep doing fiverr.


I would delete you’re acount and start over


Thanks guys!


Sfanne, did you contact Customer Support yet? Let us know what they say. Good luck! :slight_smile:


You can contact CS and tell them you want to close your account so you can create a new one. They will let you do that.


I have a similar situation, of not being able to attend to and deliver orders, that is, though not due to medical reasons. I want to restart all over again. Is it possible? I am getting many visitors to my gigs lately (within the last five days that I’ve come back), but sadly no orders. Should I close shop?


just say the buyer proper sorry. and if they don’t response ask fiverr to review your status. Low rating kills your sales within hours.


Not sure this help you much, but if for any reason you have to be away from forefilling orders - it’s best to put them all on hold (suspend) that way you wont get Caneled orders

Then when you are able reactivate them all, hope this helps


Yes, conversation with buyer will do it, Also fiverr staff is ready to help you with this. :)>-


Hi, I think most of the people have already giving you an answer but let me explain a more logical answer but in your case that is also impossible

If you are hoping to Achieve 100% rating again here is the number of reviews you have to get

by simple calculation you can find that if you have got “N” number of negative reviews at the moment then lets say Positive reviews that you have to take is "P"

then the equation is

P = 250N

example lets say you have done 600 jobs and you have got 3 negative reviews

according to the equation to achieve 100% ratings again you have to do total of

P = 250*3

p = 750

which means you have to get another 150 good reviews to get 100% rating again

you have to gig by gig!!!


I wonder if Fiverr would mind you explaining the reason why your rating is low in each of your gigs? Worth a try asking - good luck!


I have the same circumstances however mine are not as bad, 35% cancellation, 89% positive feedback. I could get those back up though right? if people start buying my gigs:/


@vipdjz just mailed support. Asked to reset my stats because of unforeseen circumstances, my last sale was 2 months ago, now I am back nobody wants to order from me.


sfanne, not only the rating is important. the buyers

are also looking at how long you have been here. :slight_smile:


Even if you are afraid of having another account for yourself. You no doubt have a sister at home.