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Can Me and my brother use our fiverr accounts over one wifi network?


Me and my brother both have fiverr account. Is this okay to use our accounts on one wifi network?

Because the wifi network provides same ip to all devices connected. Please help


You should ask customer support this.

They will tell you that you need to have totally different types of gigs and approve it probably but ask them first.


In certain circumstances, it is acceptable to have more than one account at your location, for example, an account for each family member. However, the accounts must abide by Fiverr TOS.

The most important rules to take note of in this situation are:

The accounts may not sell similar services
The accounts may not purchase from one another
The accounts may not share a withdrawal provider (Paypal/Payoneer)


Hi @wpchamp
What happend. Did you knock the customer support for this. and if you did what they replied. I need help on this too. i am having same issue.