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Can members login from the same home to access their accounts

Hiya, does anyone have another person in the same house logging in to fiverr to access their account whilst you log in to yours??

I have emailed support about this and their answer was very concerning. This is not against TOS by the way.

My daugter wants to start her fiverr account and I do not want to risk mine because the ‘system’ here detects bad things if you have the same ip addy

What do you mean by “…their answer was very concerning”? From many posts on this forum about this very issue, you must let them know who exactly will be using the same IP address, and also make sure that you both are not offering the same type of Gigs. Best of luck.

Thank you for your reply. I was concerned as the reply I received was:

" our system will detect this issue automatically, though, and we can’t prevent this for happening’

And then I assumed that I would have my account disabled. But thanks to your response I will email them again and give the details of the other user. thanks again.