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Can Multiple Gigs Be Ordered Before Getting to the First Level?


I am brand new to Fiverr, and I notice that once you get to higher levels, there are extras where a customer can order multiples of the same gig.

I have a client that wants to order 5 gigs, does he need to go through this process 5 times? If he does order one gig and come back to my page to order a 2nd one, will it tell him there’s a cap?


It will take a bit longer for him to order, but the individual orders will help you to achieve Level 2 faster!


5 times, that nothing :wink: A buyer had to order 50 gigs to make up the amount we’d agreed on for a job! It’s something Fiverr could and should address. I then had to deliver 50 times, he had to rate me 50 times and I had to rate him 50 times. . . Well, it didn’t take THAT long to do, but I would rather not have had to do it. . .

that was when i was still level 0


Thanks to all!