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Can My Blogger site be used as Portfolio Link in Buyer Request

Hello Expert! Can My Blogger site be used as Portfolio Link in Buyer Request, What it supports is Fiverr?


Definitely it can be! However all communication is through Fiverr


No, not at all. Read the TOS and you will find a list of approved outbound links and unless your Blogger site is actually YouTube (or one of the others), you must not link to it.


Hi beneditrm, can you give me TOS link?



You can provide your behance link as your portfolio

lamiamamun You have given me the wrong information! :roll_eyes:

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How? Can you tell me which wrong information I have given you?

lamiamamun Take a good look at it- Fiverr Help and Education Center, Behance is not mentioned here.

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At first I am sorry for giving wrong information. Acctually someone told me that in buyer request behance portfolio is very useful. So may be I know the wrong information. I never read fiverr help & education center information. So sorry again and thanks for correcting me

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Bro, Pls read the TOS before everything. Do everything according to the TOS :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

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