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Can my buyers cancel their orders?

Hi everyone!

I have delivered 2 orders perfectly. However, both buyers will not reply to me. The orders have just been marked as complete automatically by fiverr but I’m worrying that the buyers may cancel them anytime (they didn’t seem like honest people that’s why I assume that they may cancel their orders).

Are they able to cancel their orders after been marked as complete?
I read on another post that a buyer can only cancel an order only up to 3 days after it has been marked as complete… Is this true? If it’s not true… then there’s no safety for the sellers here on fiverr…

Please let me know what you think!

Have a read of the Fiverr cancellation policy:

An order is marked as complete automatically 3 days after your delivery - your buyer does not have to accept it and leave feedback. This does not mean they are not honest people! They may just be really busy! The average percentage of buyers who leave reviews is about 70% - the other 30% of orders complete automatically.

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Thanks for your answer. I read the order cancellation policy.
Actually I’m only worrying for one of the buyers that he may not be an honest person.
No, he is not bussy. He asked me to revise 3 times and I delivered the most perfect illustration that it can be done. I delivered for the last time and then he said that he cannot find the order, so I sent him print screen images on how to find the delivered order. Then he stopped replying…

I 've worked more than 20 hours basically for free to meet his expectations. Now I just think that he’s just waiting for no reason because he doesn’t like it and as soon as he realises that he can get a refund he will just cancel. He was a very unreasonable buyer…

That’s why I’m worrying. I don’t think its fair for the seller if the buyer have a 14day window to cancel the order… for no reason… Don’t tell me that If I show fiverr proof that I’m right they will not give him his momey back…

This is just an unfair policy for the sellers.

If you know your delivery is okay, keep redelivering until the order will autocomplete eventually.

The 14 days ‘Pending Clearance’, I think, is a safety window for Fiverr, in case buyers got scammed by a seller (scamming happens in both directions), and couldn´t check the delivery within the 3 days (which is pretty short, imagine you´re sick), so they can complain to Fiverr and then can keep the revenue from clearing then.
If everything was okay with your order and you did what was agreed on/your gig states you’d do and delivered, there´s not much to worry about. You don´t have to cancel and if you can prove everything is okay from your side there isn´t much reason for Fiverr to want you or the buyer to cancel either, as then they won´t get their fee.

The bad news, which might be what you read about, is, that some dishonest buyers do a PayPal chargeback on orders and the window for that unfortunately is long, courtesy of PayPal, not Fiverr. If buyers do that, though, Fiverr will suspend their account, which is written in the ToS, they don´t like dishonest buyers either. In such a case you’ll still be out of your money though, but you can try for a solution with Fiverr, see for example here, worth reading, you can find a lot of related threads if you search the forum:


You’d be surprised how often CS will take the seller’s side… :slight_smile:

I’ve never had an order cancelled by a buyer either within the 3 day delivery window or the additional 14 days.

Don’t waste energy on something that may never happen - if it does happen, take your case to CS and work through it with them - they’re really very good!


Thanks miiila! Your reply really helped me!

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Thanks! Both of you really helped me with your answers!

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