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Can my client buy the same Gig twice if the project is too big?

I recently got an order that is due in a couple of hours, and the buyer is requesting more stuff to do. He says it is fine if I finish the project longer than the end date.

I know that you can extend the delivery due date with the Resolution Center, but we agreed that this extra work was worth a bit more than the initial price, so I also want to make the price higher.

Is it ok if I tell him to buy my Gig again so that I can finish it as he wants?


You dont have to do that, simply increase the budget via resolution center , enter the amount for additional work and extra days required to complete the job. Still if the seller agrees to buy gig , its pretty good and will increase your order count but if God forbid something goes sideways and sellers is not happy with your work , you might have to face two cancelled orders . Choose wisely .


Go on the order page charge extra for extra work and increase delivery time. Your client receives this as like custom offer.

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