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Can my cousin use my mac for his Fiverr account?

Hi dear, all of the members! I am a graphics designer, my brother is a web developer. He is having difficulties with his computer. Will there be any problem if uses mine? I am confused cause in the same computer two Fiverr may give our account suspended! But our profession is different, the gig is different.


yes there is problem using 2 fiverr Accounts in a Single Mac or PC.

Both account should be warning or disable. Because this goes against Fiverr Rules.

Be carful about that.
You must use One Fiverr account one Mac or PC.

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Multiple account can’t be use in same mac or pc.

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One device for one fiverr account. Always try to follow this. Otherwise, it will cause both accounts to be disabled or banned. So, try to follow fiverr rules effectively.

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Tell your cousin to buy a new laptop or login from his phone.

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But his category and my are totally different.

Yes it is against rules, but we are not in the same profession. In this reason i dont know whether it is wrong .