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Can my friend Recommend me when his order limited is full?

My friend and me both work on fiverr , We are both in same Field but We are living in different regions , We Both have same style of skills and our gigs Provide the same but the Difference is , My friend gig is highly rated and level 2 and has Top gig , While im near to get Level 1 and my gigs are good too but not that great and are not reorganized . My friend Always have 3 to 5 orders in queue while he cant Handle Orders more then 3 , Is this possible to get the Orders that are wasted orders by him and He recommends about me on fiverr ? Is this will be Tos Voilation or Its just Recommending Other sellers by a seller who has Orders but he cant Do that much , Please I will love to get your Feedback .

I have heard of sellers hiring other sellers to help them with their work and then they resell it. That way your friend could check over the work to make sure it is up to his standards before he passes it on to his clients.

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What if he recommends my Gig to his clients After Order limit reached , Our Style of work is same and Delivers the same. If he Recommends my gig the clients can Come and Check my sample or gig If they like then they can order if not then they can wait ? Can he Recommend me , and will this be Tos violation?

Again you are saying that both of you are same.That is impossible. This is common sense man,how can two person’s knowledge cam be same.Your provided service categories can be same but the skills/knowledge will not same if both accounts owner are not same.For that he is level two seller and you want to get order from him/her.However,if your friend want to recommend you the your friend can.Your friend will just lose buyers+money nothing else…As I know it is not Against of fiverr tos.If your friend do not care his/her reputation then no problem.

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Knowledge can never me same Bro , I am saying we both have same style and Delivers the Same , There are Different according to situations , clients Requirements , And We never Do same Copied Work , No thats out of context , but Its you can say that We both have same Catagory gigs if you want easy text :slight_smile: , Pardon any mistake

Yes, he can.

No, it won’t.


Clear and Proper ! Thank you .

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