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Can my friend who also is a fiverr seller log into my account

I’ve asked my friend to log into my fiverr account when I’m not active and send buyer requests since she is also a fiverr seller would it be a problem if a person logs into two different account with same IP address?


I think it’s not a problem. Some fiverr account used more than one person.

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It will be a problem. The terms of service says:

You may not create a false identity on Fiverr, misrepresent your identity, create a Fiverr profile for anyone other than yourself (a real person), or use or attempt to use another user’s account or information;

There are some seller(s) who say the account is for 2 people (eg. them and their partner) or maybe some say they’re a team (but I assume mostly it’s run by one person) but what you/your friend would be doing would be misleading to buyers (eg. if the other seller was creating offers on your account and the buyer didn’t know a different seller was doing that). Also I assume others have Fiverr’s permission where necessary.

Basically if you/your friend did that a warning could be given for either or both accounts and/or it could lead to either account being suspended I think.

My guess is your friend if they access your account when they also have a different account on their device would be the first to get an account warning/suspension.


As @uk1000 has pointed out, it is ToS violation under Authentic Fiverr Profile section.

IP address is irrelevant.


Just another quick thought…

We see many profile examples where individuals claim to be a team of people, I guess in order to look bigger and try and demonstrate more skills, etc. But it’s so obvious that they are an individual. To be honest, it makes them look silly and deceitful.

Likewise, we sometimes see accounts (often resellers) who claim to be an individual but who do have a team of people behind the account. As a seller I, unfortunately, have personal experience of dealing with these type of accounts - and it’s never good.

I write this to highlight why it is important to be truthful on your profile. Some buyers will only want to work with an individual while others will deliberately seek out a team. As a seller, the important part is to be truthful.


Well 2020 is the year the solo freelancer made a comeback, so…joke’s on them.

People are looking for other people they can trust, and have someone add a personal touch to communications.

You are not cooler if you set up a sales email account and reply through there, nor will it make you look capable of handling large clients if you claim you have a team of 15 designers.


@keariefan you shouldn’t reply with advice, especially since you are 100% wrong about what you are saying. I suggest you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

@yasin40469 that is 100% not allowed and will lead to you losing your account. If you are doing that already, which I suspect you are, you need to stop immediately.


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Yes, both you and your friend could get permanently banned.


Yes, your friend can access your account from other devise but make sure no other fiverr account loged in that devise in previous. Coz fiverr allow one devise one fiverr account. Also, when u unabilable, then your friend can access your account if your devise have to your friend.

Hope you understand the points…

Apparently you haven’t read Fiverr’s Terms of Service. It’s not allowed to log into someone else’s account.

Please don’t spread misinformation, especially not misinformation that could get two people permanently banned.


would you pls share the quotation of Fiverr’s Terms of service? where is mentioning that without me no one can access my account if I share my access information with him or her…?

@uk1000 already shared that, scroll up and you’ll see it.


yes problem…If a two different person log into same ip address …It will be a problem.

without read my full massage you should not reply such as a common reply. First read my full massage & try to understand what i am saying…

I read your message several times and I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

It’s not that @catwriter didn’t read it in full.

There’s a language barrier as I am sure you are aware.

Now if you are saying that a friend of yours is allowed to access your account under X circumstances, let me correct you by telling you that you are mistaken.

Under no circumstances is that allowed.

If you were trying to say something else, please clarify.


@frank_d let me clear myself.
We can use multiple Fiverr accounts on the same IP on multiple devices. But the Service should not be the same, you have to provide a different Category service (Like: web development, graphics, content writing, etc.) if 2 people using the same service on the same IP then the Only One account service will rank, balance one will be down automatically.

pls note, I have an agency company I am doing the same from Last 1 year… till now I didn’t face any problems.

Hope I make myself…

Thank you for clarifying.

Yes what you are saying is correct, as long as no two users are in the same category, multiple accounts can share the same IP.

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I think, it is not a problem.

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Thanks for your confirmation. & @catwriter Hope you also clear now.

Sharing an IP address is different to sharing an account though. You can have 2 people sharing the same IP address simultaneously (subject to rules - and maybe it’s best to check with CS) but you had said:

Which is wrong. The OP’s friend can’t access the OP’s account as accessing someone else’s account is against the TOS.