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Can my gig be improved?

Hi, I have been working on Fiverr for quite a bit now, I don’t have any orders on this gig though, do you all think you could provide some advice for me.


Also can you tell me if my pricing looks right?

I think it looks good. Try not to edit your gig, especially after getting first orders. It lowers your gig’s ranking.

Should I edit my gig before I start getting orders?

I can see that you already have an order with a 5 star review. Don’t edit your gig after getting orders. Unless you’ve already edited it after you got that order?

I edited it about a week after that review because I didn’t get any business, I will leave it how it is unless needed I guess.

You made a mistake editing it. Now you will be without an order far longer than you would have. Try and get an order from buyer requests to bring your ranking back up.

Ok, on that note any advice on what I should say in a buyer request?

This is absolutely okay and more than that you have also got an order after you have posted your gig a month ago which normally doesn’t happen for everyone. Make sure to promote your gig on Social media and please don;t spam it.

As a new seller, lower your price. I would make the third (screenshot) pic, the cover pic, BUT, I would screen shot you editing the last order. In simple words, make your cover pic a screenshot of you editing the client’s work (if possible)


Ok, thank you, I will change the cover pic.