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Can my GIG just sell a commercial license for a set of my watercolor illustrations?

Can my GIG just sell a commercial license for a set of watercolor illustrations which I draw?
I saw many people offer purchaise their artworks files with commercial license in their GIGs. Exactly like on stock images market.
I’m just wondering if this does not violate the Fiverr’s rules?


Hello, it’s best to sell your artwork with a commercial license and not just the commercial license by itself. Surely your artwork is not free. You can’t sell a commercial license by itself.

You do not want to tell people your art is so bad you are giving it away free but they need to buy a commercial license for it. That doesn’t make sense.


If you’re asking whether you can sell the license for the same set of watercolor illustrations to several buyers, I don’t think so. Once you sell your illustrations, as per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, they belong to the buyer, and you can’t sell them to anyone else.

If I misunderstood you, I apologize.


Maybe I said it wrong.
These GIG sales pictures AND commercial license.
That is, buying a gig allows you to download images and use them for commercial purposes.

Well, you know how works selling graphics on stocks? That’s exactly the way some people on Fiverr use GIGs.
These are not just random pictures, usually it is a set of graphics, for fast making custom prints, posters, etc.

Also, I saw how people sell coloring pages in this way - usually a set of 10-25 pictures. Buyer buys gig and seller at once delivers these pictures as print files in high resolution. And so the same files are sold many times.
If the sellers honestly describe that the gig sells not individually drawn pictures, but gives access to downloading pictures that many more customers can download - is this not contrary to the rules of the Fiverr?
This is how regular stocks work, but I’m wondering how things are going here.
I saw a lot of these gigs, with a lot of reviews.

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In fact, this is very often practiced. I mean, outside of Fiverr.
People share their artwork for free, even if it is not just personal art, but fonts, templates or sets of thematic graphics for using in design.
Even those who make money by selling graphics or images for stocks, often share something for free, for promotion. Sometimes they allow only personal use, and sometimes - for any commercial purposes.
For example, if you want to print a drawing from my instagram on a poster for your wall - you will not violate my rights. But if you want to sell notebooks with a picture that you downloaded from my portfolio, you will need to contact me for permission.
Sometimes authors may be allowed to print their works completely free of charge if they are asked for permission. Especially if your project is interesting. Many are just pleased that their work is present on something physical.
This is me to the fact that if the pictures are available to people for free, this does not mean that they are bad.
There are many models of monetization.

It would be best to ask CS, if something like that is allowed. The Terms of Service do say “unless otherwise specified”, so perhaps it is allowed if it’s very explicit that a countless number of people could use the same graphics.


I think you understood right.
The Fiver license rules says that all rights are transferred to the buyer, unless the seller specifies any of his limitations. As I understand it, Fiver leaves the creators the right to dispose of his work, if it is clearly reflected in the description.

I mean that the sold images were not created individually for any customer, but specifically designed to sell many times. And it is spelled out in the GIG’s description.

I have seen this with many GIGs, a lot of reviews, but for obvious reasons, for obvious reasons, I haven’t leaving specific examples with links.
So, it is forbidden, but the moderators just look the other way?

Sorry for my bad english, btw.

Perhaps you are right, you will need to ask them.

Sure you can sell a commercial use license to the same graphics over and over. As far as fiverr goes you still need to charge for the art even if it’s only $5. This is how fiverr is set up. Or you can try selling it as a commercial use license but you are going to run into a lot of confused buyers who don’t know what it is you are selling, or might misunderstand. Try to do this in a simply easy to understand way.
Make sure you are very clear to the buyers that it’s not an exclusive license to use the art just for them.


Why do I even ask.
I’m newbie and I need reviews. In my regular gigs I offer create unique watercolor and digital illustrations.

I have an unfinished set of drawings created when I thought stock image markets are a good idea for me (no).
I thought to finish this set, place it as a fiverr gig and promote it in social media networks and get at least some reviews.
Do you think this is a silly idea?
(I guess I should create a new question in another category)

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To try that is not a silly idea.


It’s worth a try.

You mean, you will need to ask them (it would be best to do it before creating the gig, to avoid trouble).

You must have already sold the commercial license to those since they are in use in various places on the internet already. It looks like they are offered free here. Is that your site?

Someone named Sébastien Le Divenah seems to be saying he is the owner/creator.

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I see people selling PLR packs of articles all over the place on Fiverr. It’s basically the same idea. They sell the same articles to multiple people… essentially the usage rights to each. Your work is lovely!

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You can, but the legal validity might be quite questionable. Especially since in the end, the customer pays Fiverr and Fiverr pays you. So, for the most part, the party they are dealing with is Fiverr, and they have no claim to your intellectual property… It is very very questionable if the “license” would have any legal meaning whatsoever.

I would contact a legal expert rather than Fiverrs CS, as they are not very likely to be proficient in this very specific matter.

All the best to you and lots of success! :slight_smile:

Patrick C.

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misscrystal I do not quite understand what you mean. My drawings are only from this set.

The 2 pictures that were my first answer to you are just pictures from Pinterest. I left links, but they turned into pictures. I attached those pictures to explain what a stock watercolor could look like. And I think those two sets were painted by 2 different artists, but definitely not the person following your link.

Looove your work btw :)))

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What is this commercial licence??

What do you mean? Weeding?

no no its licence i write it wrong

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