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Can my husband create a Fiverr account? (DIFFERENT computer, same internet)


My husband also wants to do voiceover, but I don’t want him using my account, I thought it was against ToS to create 2 Fiverr account, but one is for him and one is for me.

Different emails, paypal emails, different computers we have separate offices/studios but we do use the same internet so it may be the same iP?

Should I talk to support or does anyone have an answer if this is okay?


definitely talk to support about it


Thank you so much, I’ll do this and post the result in case anyone else was wondering the same question.


Probably not. If you and a family member want to sell entirely different kinds of services you can contact Support and they often give permission for both people to have individual accounts. Since you and your husband both do voiceover Support might tell you that would have to use the same account and just have gigs for male and female voices or whatever you prefer. They are the only ones who can give you a definitive answer, though.


I think your husband can’t it. Because it’s the same category you and he is working from the same network. Then again discuss about it to the customer support to be sure.