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Can My Spouse Start A Fiverr Too?

My spouse is an artist, and although they make most of their money through other ways, I want to keep the avenue of Fiverr open to him.

However, I don’t want Fiverr to think I am making multiple accounts and ban me for it as we use the same IP address. That would leave me without rent money, food, or happiness. And I like all three of those.

So if my spouse wanted to make a Fiverr account, would they be able to without fear of a misunderstanding on Fiverr’s end?

@fonthaunt @eoinfinnegan @annai80

You could always contact CS and let them know. Maybe they’ll give permission. It never hurts to ask.

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well i see Fiverr as a platform for doing work for international clients which otherwise i wudnt be able to do so… I have also learnt a lot working with clients on Fiverr… so i suggest give it a try but ask him to use another computer or maybe you can create a separate gig in your profile itself !

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@lucycodex, explain the situation to CS and ask them for permission and advice. They often allow it, as long as the two of you sell different stuff and don’t interact with each other in any way (of course, you also can’t use the same email address or withdrawal providers).


@catwriter is correct. They often allow it if everything is transparent, but only CS can giver permission.