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Can My wife use the same internet for running new fiverr account?

I am a Level 1 seller on Fiverr. My wife is also interested in working in Fiverr. My service category and her category are the same. Now I want to know can she use Fiverr on a different computer with the same internet which I used to run Fiverr.?

Fiverr doesn’t allow you both to offer the same service.

You still need to contact Customer Support for permission if you want to offer a different service.

If you create another account without doing this both accounts are likely to be disabled at any time.


Thanks, I will contact customer support with my query…

can my wife use my old computer (which i used in past for running Fiverr) with a new internet connection to run Fiverr??
what do you think about that?

Suggest you don’t try to find ways to both offer the same service.