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Can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate

What is going on when this happens ??? Someone contacted me earlier today asking me to work… and then as I was answering, I got this message… I can see them… but I can’t message them. xxxx can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.


The most likely reason in my opinion is that they blocked you or marked your message as spam.

Some people do this when they decide to work with someone else instead. Personally I think it’s a rather odd thing to do - a simple “thanks, but I’ve decided to use someone else” would do.

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That means they were banned. If you try to visit their profile, it should say that user is no longer available. I get quite a few of spam messages where I also get the message about not being able to contact them, because they no longer exist.

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Either that, or some people are just plain weird. Someone messaged me, wanted to work with me, then insulted me (he said it was an accident), I said it’s ok, let’s just move on. He asked for a custom offer, I was outside doing some errands, and he sent multiple messages pressuring me to send the offer. When I came back (within 30 minutes or so), I tried to reply but I was blocked. LOL I guess?

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