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....can no longer be contacted?

Hi, I’m still kind of new on Fiverr. A couple days ago I got my first message, I was really excited. But when I tried to open it Fiverr told me “…can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.” I’ve looked around in previous Fiverr discussions. Some say that the buyer blocked me, or that the buyer has been blocked. Does anyone know what it actually means?

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Usually, if you are a new seller, you are a prime target for spammers. They try to get you to do strange things like talk on snapchat, or other outside contact apps and websites. They also offer you “too good to be true” offers. Like for example : “I have a simple proposal for you that will only take one hour and I will pay you $150” . Some others try to get free work from you by asking for a demo of your skills then using that for themselves.

When it says “… can no longer be contacted.” It means that they have lost their account for spamming. In some cases it could be that the buyer blocked you, but if you can’t visit their page even if you are not logged in on fiverr, then they have lost their account because they are spammers.