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Can no longer see all notifications


Hi Fiverr Friends, This past week for some reason when I try to reply to my notifications, it now loads only 10 of them and will not scroll down further, even though I still have 5 unanswered below the 10 showing.
There used to be a way to see them all, with a link at the bottom that said 'See All Notifications" but that link is now missing. My inbox works fine, but notifications won’t let me get to them all to reply. Is anyone else experiencing this?
Thanks for any insight.


Hi, I still have the link to see all of them so you might have a bug on yours. You can ask CS about it. :heart:


I can still scroll down as far as I need.

Hopefully you’re experiencing a bug, and not a new feature.


My link is gone… I even tried a reboot. Hope it comes back soon!


Thanks Miss Crystal, I did discuss this with them and they suggested I clear cookies, cache, try incognito mode, different browser, different device, but no change, no link, oh well :slight_smile:


Hope you solve the issue asap blondey xo Sorry to hear you’re going through this!